• “Wonderful Conference, so international” Saskia Sassen, Professor of Sociology, Columbia University
  • “Great, what the RIBA have put on really has added to the conversation, It’s been very good. It’s made me reframe and think about
  • resilience differently.” Toby Kent, Chief Resilience Office, Melbourne
  • “Incredibly useful, thought provoking two days. The chance and opportunity to reflect on a global scale with people with very different
  • insights has been invaluable” Frankie Barrett, Resilience Team, Glasgow
  • “Totally wonderful, the whole process was brilliant - to bring people together, do real work and get advice from world leading experts”
  • Peter Head, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Ecological Sequestration Trust
  • “Impressed with the workshops, really liked the energy, learning from each other, seeing different perspectives… The panel sessions
  • were also great… Great things happening over the two days.” Ben Smith, Director of Sustainable Development, Aecom
  • “It was wonderful, so relevant and educational. Really interactive to sharing experiences with San Francisco, New York and London.
  • A melting pot of ideas.” Emma Miloyo, Architect, Design Source, Nigeria

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The Designing City Resilience programme will be a great independent platform for stakeholders to shape the resilience agenda & dialogue, form policy, advocacy and mobilise resources to create better, more liveable, resilient cities. From 2016 we are launching a programme of events to carry on the work and momentum of June’s event.

The programme will be designed so that organisations can;
• Forge relationships with like-minded organisations
• Prototype ideas; share knowledge and experiences
• Learn from industry experts, thought leaders and global specialists
• Work together to deliver suitable solutions to local and global challenges caused by urbanisation, climate change and trauma.

Format & Topics
Framed around the programme from June’s summit the series of resilience focused events will further explore both the key themes that contribute to a city’s resilience.
The events will also try and hone in on specific cities and regions. Are there any key differences between developed cities (and their response to the resilience agenda) and developing cities? How can cities create better strategies to promote social cohesion? To what extent is a city’s response to resilience determined by its climate?

Key themes will include;
– People centric design

– Technology

– Finance and investment

– Climate change

– Risk management

– The practice of promoting resilience

– Governance

– Housing

– Inequality & resilience

– Energy and Resource use

– Big data

Click here to see the series of events and forums planned.